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A key element of divorce is the dissolution of a single household into two distinct households. Dealing with the expenses of establishing and running a household on a single income can be a serious challenge.

This makes it even more important that alimony and the equitable division of property are properly handled during your divorce.

Securing the representation of an attorney who possesses exceptional skill and experience is the best assurance that alimony and the equitable division of property will be handled in a manner that best positions you to be able to handle the financial challenges that may present themselves following your divorce.

At Kathleen C. Fox, P.A., our Alachua alimony attorney has been offering exceptional family law representation to individuals in North Central Florida since 1985. We understand how important it is to ensure that the financial aspects of a divorce are properly handled.


Alimony is not as common an element of divorces as it used to be. In fact there are now several different forms of alimony, created by the Florida Legislature, which depend to a great extent on the length of your marriage. This makes it important that you have an attorney who understands how to present the best possible case for receiving or rejecting alimony.

Equitable Division of Property

An equitable division of property is not necessarily an equal division. This presents an opportunity for the spouses to work out what property and other assets of the marital estate are most important to them. We can help you achieve your goals regarding the division of property such as real estate and retirement accounts.

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