Alachua Child Custody Attorney

One of the most important elements of a divorce where children are involved is the establishment of child custody and a timeshare schedule that respects the quality of the relationships that exist between each parent and their children. Because the establishment of child custody and visitation schedules is such an important issue to parents, this issue has the potential to create gridlock if it is not handled properly.

Securing the representation of an attorney who understands the volatility of child custody issues and who has the experience and skills necessary to guide clients through this challenging issue is a solid first step toward establishing a child custody and timeshare agreement that fulfills your needs, and those of your children.

At Kathleen C. Fox, P.A., our Alachua child custody lawyer has been helping individuals and families of North Central Florida since 1985. Our firm has been focused on providing effective family law solutions which enable parents to preserve their relationships with their children as they deal with the challenges of establishing new households and new routines. We are committed to providing solutions which work for our clients.

Parental Relocation

One of the larger issues facing divorced parents today is the need to relocate. The challenging economy and the overall necessity for mobility in today's workforce results in many parents being forced to move. When a potential move is of more than 50 miles the court assumes that it will impact the current parenting plan. In such a case, the parent considering the move is required to provide notice to the court and the other parent in sufficient time for him or her to have 20 days to object formally to the move.

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