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I was born and grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and moved to Florida when I was 22. After working various jobs in Fort Lauderdale and Gainesville, I went to law school at the University of Florida. During law school I participated in Moot Court, was a student instructor in Appellate Advocacy, was President of the John Marshall Student Bar Association, and graduated with honors.

Right after law school I opened my own practice, which has been a great experience. Since my two closest friends were lawyers, I immediately began to meet lots of other attorneys, and my practice began to grow. I also began a chapter, which is still active today, of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers.

In the beginning I practiced what I called “street law,” because I would take pretty much any case that came in off the street. Not too long after, though, I narrowed my practice to family law, and that is where I have stayed ever since. I get a lot out of what I do – helping people through stressful times can be very satisfying.

Much of my practice has been devoted to dealing with what we used to call “custody,” but we now call primary residential responsibility and time-sharing. Since the Florida Legislature changed the statute a few years ago, we are finding that many of our clients are sharing time with their children on a fifty-fifty basis. The schedule is of course dependent to a great extent on the ages of the children, the availability of the parents, and other factors. Naturally, we also handle issues related to property distribution and alimony.

My husband and I have two daughters, one son-in-law, two grandsons and four dogs. My life experiences have taught me compassion and understanding for the issues with which today’s parents have to deal. When they face the pressures of a dissolution of their marriage, or any family law matter, it can increase the stress on everyone, including the children, and that is one way the family lawyer can help – not to be the psychologist, but to assist the client in making good, realistic decisions. It takes great skill for a parent to navigate the different paths involved with divorce, especially when there are children involved, and we do our best to help.

We also deal with situations with no children, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, paternity cases, enforcement of Final Judgments and appeals. We encourage our clients to do the right thing, no matter how hard, because it can save them time, aggravation and money, and it may make it easier for the children. Sometimes, though, you have to react and handle a problem in a different way. That’s when we get as tough as we need to be in representing you. We are readily available to answer questions – by phone, by email, by text. You won’t wait longer than 24 hours for a response whenever you have a question.

I represent the interests of both men and women, and would never turn down a case because the potential client was one or the other. This is a family law practice, and families don’t all look alike – we can help on either side.

Consultations are offered on a pro rata basis at my regular hourly rate

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