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TIMESHARING (WHICH USED TO BE CALLED CUSTODY) – Most of the people who come into my office are already aware that we no longer assign “custody” to a parent.  The parents have shared parental responsibility, and they share time with the child(ren).  The parties can be very flexible about this, setting it up to work with their schedules and the child’s.  It can be alternating weeks, splitting up the week, or one parent gets all of the school year and except some weekends and the other parent gets all of the summer.  A lot depends on the age of the child(ren), and the preferences of the parties.  When parents ask me: How old does the child have to be to decide where s/he wants to live, I always answer “18,” because that is truly when a child has a real voice. There are exceptions, of course, and sometimes the child’s preference does come into it…but that is rare.

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